Quality policy of Tinámica

Our values ​​make the difference

  • Leadership
    We believe that a leader is the person who can inspire and associate others with a dream. Our dream is sharing our customers success.
  • Passion
    Our team enjoys developing specific business solutions for each of our customers.
  • Professional growth
    We attract the best talent for our business. We are committed to the personal and professional development of our team.
  • Sustainability
    We promote sustainable management methods, which seek the efficiency of resources and time of our customers.
  • Teamwork
    We maintain a unique team attitude, aimed at achieving the results.
  • Customer orientation
    We are committed to our customers in obtaining business results, our relationships are long term and “win-win” type.
  • Integrity
    Personally and professionally, we want to maintain a trustful relation, so we are transparent, responsible and we act ethically.
  • Solidarity
    We believe in solidarity, shared work and the ability to help each other. That is why we donate one month of each year company profit dedicated to social causes.