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Telecommunications and Technology

Tunnel curiosity project. Automated maintenance


Development of an unmanned automated inspection vehicle into which data capture systems and information treatment elements are integrated for the corrective and preventive maintenance of tunnels and critical infrastructure of the high-speed rail network, ensuring complete safety of the same.

This is a research project, with FEDER Interconnecta and CEDETI funds, in which a consortium of 6 companies are participating: Alstom, Adif, Ferrovial, Vias, Insitu and Tinámica.

Our work

Development of the analytical infrastructure capable of ingesting, processing and allowing the use of all the data received by the different sensors on the vehicle, providing alarms for any issue that violates normality. Tinámica developed the project using cloud infrastructure due to its high availability and scalability.


Automated vehicle able to collect data from multiple sensors in real time for subsequent interpretation and analysis in order to monitor the status and maintenance of tunnels and critical infrastructure of the high-speed railway network. Reduces maintenance costs by 80% and improves decision making by 35%.

Telecommunications and Technology

Global technological company - Price standardisation and optimisation


Implementation of an analytical solution to standardise and optimise the recommended sales price levels in a way that would improve the company's profits.

Our work

  1. Preparation, transformation and consolidation of transactional data of the company.
  2. Creation of analytical algorithms for customer segmentation, price standardisation and recommendation of prices to B2B clients.
  3. Creation of reports and analytical explorations for use by end users.


Proposal of global prices by which greater benefits are obtained compared to previous years.