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Utilities / Energy

Electrical company - HR analytics


Make all human resources information immediately available in order to using the data in predictive and prescriptive analytics for each of its processes.

Our work

  1. Analyse, the different data source systems from the technological point of view in order to determine the needs of the technological platform and define its architecture.
  2. Install and put into production Big Data architecture components under Cloudera distribution on the Amazon Web Service cloud platform, which unifies the information from all human resource systems providing the data, both universal to the group, and local to each country.
  3. Creation of an analytical repository through a complex preparation of the data in order to serve various analytical tools such as Tibco Spotfire, R Studio and SAS.


Installation of a platform with centralised human resource information, with high performance, scalable processing and with multiple analytical possibilities.

Utilities / Energy

Electric company. Multinational analytical platform


  1. Develop an analytical platform to centralise the entire business of En in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina) to unify all existing analytical ecosystems providing a faster, more consistent analysis and one closer to the business.
  2. Develop advanced analytical projects for the different countries and companies of En, on this platform, adding value and enhancing the business of each country, while allowing those assets to be re-used.
  3. Maintenance and Support for all current business intelligence and advanced analytics infrastructures.

Our work

Business and use analysis of each country and subsequently the construction of the proposed solution using a cloud infrastructure and a Big Data architecture that would allow the ingestion, processing and use with all types of analysis tool such as Spotfire, Salesforce, R-Studio, etc.

Result obtained

The result has been a centralised platform where the Enel users in all Latin American countries have their data available and can make use of it, using all the same tools and accessing the data, from its most raw form through to the most highly processed.

Utilities / Energy

Energy and petrochemical multinational - Consolidation and analysis of information


Develop consolidation and analysis processes for information available from the client’s transactional systems in order to extract business value throughout the entire life cycle of the data in the exploration sector.

Our work

  1. Development of ETL processes for the overall consolidation of information.
  2. Preparation of data so it can be used by analytical users.
  3. Creation of reports with analytical and reporting tools for business users.


Make consolidated information available for use and analysis and to be able to perform data discovery actions on the data that would allow the exploration processes to be improved.